The IBA Career Development Center (CDC) has been facilitating students in the process of creating awareness about different career opportunities, assisting them in career development and job search, increasing their employability, and developing strong linkages with various corporate organizations across different sectors.

Responsible Citizen Initiative commonly known as Social Internship, is a social work exposure required for all students enrolled in their undergraduate programs. Students need to work in a social sector organization, NGO or any charitable institute in Pakistan or abroad. Students who undertake their social internships during the summer break have to complete minimum six weeks' duration as per the working schedule of the organization, while students pursuing their internships during the regular semester i.e. Fall/Spring should at least devote 120 hours to the organization in order to complete this academic requirement.

Refer to the Social Internship Policy Guide for more details. If you have questions regarding social internships, refer to our FAQ section on this.

List of approved organizations for social internships

Corporate Internship is a mandatory requirement for students of all the undergraduate programs and MBA program (only for students with a non-BBA background) at the IBA. These internships are required to be carried out after the completion of junior year for undergrad students and after the completion of first year by the MBA students. To stay updated about the upcoming internship opportunities, log on to the IBA Job Portal.

Refer to the Corporate Internship Policy Guide for more details

To stay updated about the upcoming internship opportunities, update your profile and keep yourself updated on the IBA Job Portal.

Services for Alumni

An online application for requesting internship recommendation letters has been introduced by the center. Students can now request for either a general or a customized recommendation letter required for their social and corporate/research internships. This system is launched to automate and simplify the procedure and has been made available on the Student Facilitation System (SFS).

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Online Internship Document Submission Application System is available on Student Facilitation System (SFS) and is synchronized with your ERP; which enables you to submit all the required internship documents online.

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