Webinar series with AMAN CED | Excelling in the early stages of your career

June 15, 2020: The IBA Career Development Center in collaboration with the IBA AMAN Center for Entrepreneurial Development (CED), organized a guest speaker session for the graduating batches of the IBA. Dr. Shahid Qureshi led this session on "Excelling in the early stages of your career". Dr. Shahid Qureshi is currently serving as the Associate Professor and the Program Director Center for Entrepreneurial Development (CED) at the IBA. He served the corporate sector for 10 years during his initial career before moving into academia.

Dr. Shahid quoted the book of Gerald F. Davis "The Vanishing American Corporations" in which he talks about the contemporary job markets and trends. He elaborated that nowadays careers are moving into jobs and jobs are moving into tasks. Currently, most of the prominent companies do not hire people for longer periods i.e. 20-30 years, but they hire people for short term contractual jobs of 3 to 5 years. Furthermore, a lot of companies outsource their petty tasks to consulting firms or individuals. In this scenario, the university graduates should have more than one skill and adapt to the technological and socio-economic changes.

Dr. Shahid emphasized on the importance of universities to prepare the young graduates for the prevailing industry trends. He added that we all need to work together to transform the traditional curriculum and teaching pedagogy into the updated one which is in line with the industrial requirements.