#SuccessStories - IBA alumna of graduating batch 2016, Lynette Rodrigues wins the Young Marketers Competition in Pakistan

The Cannes Lions Roars YMC is where the next generation of marketers, advertisers and creative stars go head-to-head on a global platform. Pakistan is participating in this global competition for the first time. Arranged by the Pakistan Advertisers Society (PAS), the local Cannes Lions Roar Young Marketers Competition (YMC) took place on 10th -11th April 2019, with 28 registered teams, from across Pakistan and in different industries (e.g. MnCs consumer goods, banks, health care etc.)

After a challenging 24 hours, two young marketers from HBL, were selected as winners who would be representing Pakistan at the Young Lions Competition in Cannes, France. We are proud to share that one of the winners is an IBA alumna from the batch of 2016, Lynette Rodrigues.

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity occurs every year to celebrate the extraordinary marketing minds all over the world and provide the industry with access to new ideas, pioneering consumer research and emerging technologies which will help make and shape popular culture.

The teams were given a case to work on from which they were to create a winning marketing brief that addressed the possible problems and consumer insights they identified and provided a strategic plan for the NGO given. The top teams presented their ideas in a tough live pitch to seasoned jury members.

This is the first time Pakistan will be representing in the Young Lions Competition in Cannes and will be setting precedent for young marketers in the years to come. The competition will occur this weekend where they will be competing in the Cannes in another 24-hour competition against winning teams from across the globe.

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