Corporate Connect Series | Short Selling Chaos and Islamic Finance: key takeaways from GameStop's unprecedented price volatility.

February 10, 2021: The Islamic Finance Society, in collaboration with the IBA CDC, invited Chairman, AAOIFI's Governance & Ethics Board, Mr. Mohammad Farrukh Raza and Chief Risk Officer, Karandaaz Pakistan, Mr. Ammar Habib Khan to share valuable insights on short selling and market manipulation from the perspective of Islamic Finance. The process of short selling and its effects were discussed with practical example of GameStop's shares.

The respected speakers emphasized upon the prohibition of Qimar and Maysir which leads to one's benefit at the expense of another's loss. The session was moderated by Assistant Professor (CIEF), Dr Irum Saba and was attended by 100+ participants, both from Pakistan and abroad.

The speakers also discussed current situation of Pakistan's stock market and future of Islamic Finance globally.