Corporate Connect Series | Personal Narratives

November 6, 2019: The CDC hosted Corporate Connect Series session in collaboration with faculty member, Ms. Fatima Ejaz at the IBA Karachi main campus.

The session was conducted by Communication Specialist and Senior Consultant at Learning Minds Group, Mr. Minhas Meghani. The agenda of the session was to discuss why writing personal narrative is important and how they can be made interesting.

Mr. Meghani started off the discussion by explaining the power of storytelling which can help create live experiences and condition minds. He enlightened the students about the types of hormones that help create different moods and how can writings impact our mood. He added, "Keep in mind the kind of impact you want to create in the audience's mind. Impact is everything".

Students found the session quite insightful as they now understood the implications of storytelling from a broader perspective and realized that believing in one's story is essential.