Nielsen Academy | Leadership at Nielsen

February 6, 2020: The Career Development Center hosted Managing Director of Nielsen Pakistan, Ms. Quratulain Ibrahim at the IBA Karachi to speak about 'Leadership at Nielsen', as part of a series of workshops currently being conducted under Nielsen Academy.

Ms. Quratulain shared some useful advice on how to become effective leaders at Nielsen and beyond. She started off by explaining three qualities of a leader: humility, hunger and emotional intelligence. In discussion with students about their dream job, Ms. Quratulain emphasized that while young people today want to be trusted more, they must also be flexible and patient as they strive to bring change in an organization.

As the conversation turned back to leadership, she stressed that leaders must be good communicators, since leaders are by definition brand ambassadors. Sharing personal experiences, she remarked that leadership requires tough decision-making. "Leadership is about effectiveness, not popularity", she said. She also pointed out that in an age of increasing transparency, leaders today must have integrity as a key trait.

The session ended with students taking a personality assessment test to become self-aware of their strengths and weaknesses as leaders.