Corporate Connect Series | Design Thinking - An Overview and Application in Business

October 30, 2019: The CDC in collaboration with CS faculty members, Dr. Shakeel Khoja and Ms. Afshan Ejaz hosted a guest speaker session at the IBA Karachi main campus.

The session was moderated by Lead of Client Innovation Center at IBM, Mr. Jahangir Mir. Mr. Mir delivered a talk on "Design Thinking". He initiated the discussion by emphasizing the impact of designing in our lives and added, "Design thinking is a way of life".

The speaker described how understanding and analyzing clients' problem statement can help you in providing them an exceptional and wholistic experience rather than the product itself. Mr. Mir also shared some real-life examples and case studies to explain how design thinking is a framework that helps getting things done in a way that enables speed, delivers new value, and ensures minimal risk.

The session was very well received, and the audience provided a positive response.