CSS Mentorship Session 1: Empowering Aspirants for Success

We are thrilled to share the highlights of our inaugural CSS Mentorship session, designed exclusively for our esteemed IBA students and alumni. This session was crafted to offer invaluable insights into the CSS examination, its potential career avenues, registration intricacies, and strategies for successful qualification.


Introduction to CSS: Understanding the significance and structure of the CSS examination.

  • Career Prospects: Exploring the various career opportunities and paths after clearing the CSS exam.
  • Registration Process: Step-by-step guidance on how to register for the CSS examination.
  • Qualification Strategies: Tips and advice on how to prepare effectively to qualify for the CSS.

Our experienced mentors skillfully led this session, providing valuable insights and guidance to help participants kickstart their CSS preparation journey on the right track. The mentors navigated through various topics, addressing inquiries and concerns from attendees.

Mentor 1: Usra Rasool

An IBA alumnus from the BS-SSLA Class of 2017, currently pursuing a Master's in Economics.

Designation: Assistant Collector (UT), Pakistan Customs


Mentor 2: Bareera Bullo

Holder of a BSc in International Public Policy with Politics, securing First Class Honors (first position) from the prestigious London School of Economics and Political Science.

Achievement: Secured 1st position in Sindh, 7th in Pakistan (CSS’22) and has been allocated to the esteemed Police Service of Pakistan.

The session, held on Tuesday, 1st August, from 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM, proved to be an enlightening discourse for all participants. The mentors skillfully addressed questions and provided insights, empowering attendees with perse perspectives and valuable information.

Some of the intriguing questions raised during the session included:

  • Clarification on the utilization of CSS attempts after passing the Mandatory Psychological Test (MPT) but not appearing for the exam due to insufficient preparation.
  • Inquiry into the major pursued by one of our mentors during her BSSLA studies at IBA.
  • Insights into whether pursuing a master's degree is sponsored by the FPSC.
  • The motivations behind opting for the Police Service of Pakistan (PSP) as a career choice.
  • The potential impact of leaving a current job to prepare for CSS, and alternative career options in case CSS preparation doesn't yield desired results.
  • The advantages of pursuing CSS after a master's degree or gaining work experience in the job market.
  • The significance of handwriting and presentation in the CSS examination.

Furthermore, the mentors reassured participants that unutilized CSS attempts would not go to waste and clarified that recordings of the session would be made available to all attendees.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our mentors for sharing their valuable insights, and to all participants who contributed to the success of this session. Your enthusiasm and engagement demonstrated the true spirit of learning and growth.

Stay tuned for more enriching sessions and guidance on your journey toward CSS success.

CSS Mentorship Session 1: Empowering Aspirants for Success
CSS Mentorship Session 1: Empowering Aspirants for Success