Corporate Connect Series | SDG Games

September 5th, 2019: The CDC in collaboration with faculty member, Dr. Nadya Chishti, held a Corporate Connect Series session at the IBA Karachi main campus.

The session was conducted by the founder of PC-3 and a certified facilitator for 2030 SDGs Games, Ms. Naila Mir. The aim of the session was to discuss sustainable business approaches through means of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Games. The discussion was commenced by Ms. Mir explaining students the 19 goals identified by United Nations to achieve sustainable development by 2030. Following that, a card game was played where the classroom was assumed as the entire world, and students in groups of 3 were given certain projects with specified time and cash. The idea behind this game was to understand the impact of development on three major scales namely; Economic, Environmental and Social.

With a group of business students, by the end of the first round, a world with booming economic development and zero social growth was conceived. However, after a reflection over the impact and human footprints, a comparatively balanced world idea was achieved in the second round with almost equal levels of economic, environmental and social growth.

The session brought awareness amongst students about the impact their actions may bring to the world and left them with a question of if they can make the world a better place to live.