Corporate Connect Series | Operations Management

October 23, 2019: The IBA CDC cohosted a guest speaker session with faculty member, Dr. Kamran Mumtaz at the IBA Karachi main campus.

Manager Phosphates at Engro Fertilizers Limited, Mr. Riaz Nazim, was invited to deliver a talk on Operations Management. Mr. Riaz briefly introduced himself by shedding light on his career span of more than 10 years at Engro Fertilizers Limited. He emphasized on the importance of cost incurred in waste management, over production, transportation etc. and shared different ways of identifying cost cutting areas.

Mr. Riaz highlighted untapped areas such as production forecasting, expansion and enlargement and millennial issues of dealer efficiency for research and development in operations management. He discussed the efficiency and effectiveness of Six Sigma and Lean manufacturing as tools for operations management.

The session concluded with an interactive Q&A segment.