Corporate Connect Series - Life at IBA, and beyond

April 17, 2019: The CDC hosted a Corporate Connect Series session in collaboration with Assistant Professor, Dr. Nadya Qamar Chishty at the IBA Karachi main campus. HR Officer at Engro Digital Limited and IBA alumna, Ms. Rumsha Mahmood speak about "Life at IBA, and beyond" with freshmen students.

The session began with a riveting talk about students' life and expectations related to the institute. The speaker shared her views about the corporate world and how to get recognized in it. Ms. Rumsha discussed about lateral versus creative thinking followed by an engaging activity. The importance of extra-curricular activities in students' life was also discussed with the audience. Students were encouraged to identify their core interests, choose a field to serve and commit to the purpose of life.

Concluding the event, she said, "Don't go with the flow, have a dynamic plan for yourself".