Corporate Connect Series | Capital Markets of Pakistan

September 26, 2019: The CDC and Assistant Professor, Dr. Sana Tauseef, co-hosted a Corporate Connect Series session at IBA Karachi, Main Campus.

The session was moderate by IBA alumnus and CEO of Akseer Research, Mr. Azfer Naseem to discuss the capital markets of Pakistan. Mr. Naseem has served as a financial research analyst for over a decade in different institutions.

The session was initiated with a brief understanding of what capital markets are and their development in Pakistan. Further, Mr. Naseem discussed about the securities traded, main players and the regulators of capital markets.

During the visit, our students performed certain activities which made them realize the difficulties faced by these inflicted people on daily basis. This awareness tour not only evoked compassion within students but also motivated them to aid such sacred causes.

The session concluded with an engaging Q&A segment.