Corporate Connect Series| Branding and Advertising

November 12, 2019: The IBA Career Development Center with faculty member, Ms. Rimsha Bilal, jointly held a session for her Marketing class at the IBA Karachi main campus.

For this session, Associate Director of Strategy & Planning at Blitz Advertising, Mr. Munawar Jamal was invited to lead a discussion on "Branding and Advertising."

Mr. Jamal explained the concept of branding with reference to E-commerce to the freshmen class. He talked about the evolution of branding through course of internet and mentioned the recent development of Internet of Things enabling multiple devices and appliances to connect online.

He laid emphasis on the consumer mindset and added, "Today's consumers are promiscuous in their brand relationships.". Conventional marketing funnel was briefly discussed to understand how the consumer behavior is changing with time.

The session concluded with an interactive series of questions and answers.