Communication Essentials for Climbing Up the Corporate Ladder

April 11, 2019: The CDC in collaboration with Visiting Faculty, Ms. Kanwal Akhtar hosted a Corporate Connect Series session at the IBA Karachi main campus.

Senior Brand Manager at Unilever Pakistan Limited, Ms. Butool Rizvi conducted a session on "Communication Essentials for Climbing Up the Corporate Ladder". The objective of the talk was to motivate students to be confident and develop effective communication skills to embark their journeys as future leaders.

Ms. Butool emphasized on the importance of youth's opinions in the corporate world. She said, "You as youngsters do a big disservice to yourselves if you don't share your opinion when joining an organization." She shared various ways of dealing with challenging situations when joining as a young bee in an organization. The speaker strongly advocated to be humble and do things that might not match your title. Talking about dealing with negativity in workplace, she explained students to avoid being confrontational in public. Instead, talk personally if you don't appreciate someone's cursing behavior.

The speaker encouraged students be their own cheerleader to cope up with failures. She added, "In this cutthroat environment, keep running and keep going."