Corporate Connect Series | Shift to Human Centric Organizations through Business Restructuring

November 13, 2019: The IBA Career Development Center with faculty member, Dr. Abdullah Zafar Sheikh, jointly held a session for his Human Resources Management class at the IBA Karachi main campus.

On this occasion, Founder of Cordoba Ventures and faculty member, Mr. Malik Ahmed Jalal was invited to lead a discussion on "Shift to Human Centric Organizations through Business Restructuring."

Mr. Jalal talked about evolution of enterprise with the evolution of human beings causing a shift in consciousness as well as in capabilities. He discussed the need of developing new skills and mindset in this dynamic era to excel in this cut throat world of competition.

Mr. Jalal concluded the session by advising students to distinguish between their aspirations and ambitions in order to maintain an equilibrium in their personal and professional lives.