Baghbaan Internship Programme at the IBA - Our Star Performers

Currently in its second cycle at the IBA, TCF's Baghbaan Internship Programme has worked with 73 students so far. Students have received training in a project management software called Trello, Digital Marketing, Sales and Fundraising and Public speaking, and challenged themselves through connecting with prospective donors in formal and informal settings. Mentored by 2 CEOs and a GM, among others, the students have built networks in the corporate world at the highest levels and are learning from some of the best! Through different activities, the students from Cycle 2 have raised 478,000 rupees for less privileged children studying in TCF schools since September 2018.

Mentioned below are some students who have gone the extra mile and given this programme their 100%. We want to celebrate their efforts and thank them for their dedicated towards TCF and the cause of education in Pakistan.

Abdullah Tahir and Hammad Ahmed were leading their groups of 6 team members for BIP Cycle 1. They continue to play an important role in the programme, being the anchor person in inspiring other team members. They remain an inspiration to other students through sharing their own learnings and new ideas about how to support the cause of education.

Another group comprising of Kumail Asghar Ali, Saud Meghani, Arshia Khan, Yusra Fatima, Mohtashim Nawaz Khan and Ahsan Iftikhar played a pivotal role in spreading awareness about TCF among their family, peer groups and small medium enterprise. Arshia represented all the interns at the Closing ceremony for the first cycle of the Baghbaan Internship Programme. "This is the beginning of our association with TCF and not the end!" she said.

This list is by no means exhaustive and all the students are putting in fantastic efforts towards the completion of their internship, displaying single minded devotion and professionalism. We greatly appreciate their efforts and wish them all the best for all their future endeavors.

One of the most enterprising and energetic groups of this cycle comprise of Anoosha Imran, Hamd Amir, Ghazi Waleed Bin Shaheen, Hafsa Yahya Baig, Muhammad Maaz, Nauman Bin Shaheen and Tashifa. Speeding past all other groups, they have nearly completed all their KPIs, two months before the end of the internship period, showing true dedication and professionalism.

We would like to mention Fatima Safdar and Husain Ahmad who have been present at all the fundraising events and gave a smashing presentation to the owners of a SME.