Terms and Conditions for Job Posting & Recruitment

By registering your company and/or advertising your vacancy online for IBA's job portal, you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions of Use.

All postings must follow Equal Employment Opportunity Laws that prohibit discrimination based on race, religion, sex, locality, age, disability or genetic information. The Career Development Center (CDC) reserves the right to make a determination of the appropriateness of the positions being offered to the concerned graduates.

Job postings from third party recruiters, staffing agencies, search firms and the like shall only be posted if the positions are relevant to the academic programs being offered at IBA. Positions pertaining to irrelevant disciplines will not be considered.


Advertised positions by Employers should satisfy the following criteria:

  • Must contain substantial information to gauge the nature of work. Commission-based sales posts requiring cold-calling, for example, will not be deemed suitable for posting.
  • Be relevant to the academic programs being offered at IBA. Positions pertaining to agriculture, engineering, etcetera (for example) will not be considered.
  • Minimum salary offered should meet the IBA's average salary ranges.
  • Be received from the HR division of the concerned organization, or have an HR/Company representative copied in the email along with his/her official contact details.
  • Recruitment agencies or third party adverts must disclose the role, client name, and other details to CDC.

Rights to Refuse:

IBA CDC reserves the right to refuse to advertise any vacancy that is not in the best interest of our students and graduates. These instances include:

  • Companies that do not include full company, contact details or do not have a company website.
  • Opportunities based in a private residential address unless offered by a registered agency.
  • Opportunities which require students to work in their own home.
  • Commission only or cash in hand payments.
  • Opportunities which require students or graduates to make any upfront payment.

IBA's Liability:

The IBA accepts no liability in relation to the introduction and subsequent employment of candidates for employment via Career Development Center's online Jobs Board. The University shall bear no liability for loss, damage or delay whatsoever arising in the performance of these services and in particular caused by circumstances beyond its control (of whatsoever kind).

The employer shall independently satisfy themselves as to the suitability of any employee and shall be responsible for taking up any references and appropriate checks for the applicant should they so wish before engaging the student or graduate.

Contracts of employment

Contracts of employment are between the student or graduate and the employer. It is the duty of the employer to comply with all legal obligations with regard to the employment of students and graduates.