Corporate FAQs 1. Who is eligible to undertake corporate internships?

Corporate internships can be carried out after completing 3rd year of studies (i.e. after 6 semesters). However, students from the spring intake batch can be provided with a special provision to carry out their corporate internships during the subsequent summer after their fifth semester studies i.e. by the end of spring semester every year.

2. What is the procedure to select organizations (that are mostly unheard of) for undertaking corporate internships?

Students approaching organizations on their own are required to seek CDC's approval before undertaking their internships. They should provide CDC with the following information for the endorsement purpose:

  1. Name of the targeted/selected organization for Internship;
  2. Official Website, Postal Address, and email correspondence;
  3. Project/Assignment description;
  4. Supervisor(s) Name, designation, and contact details;
  5. Project initiation date and expected ending date.
3. Can students in freshman and sophomore year undertake corporate internships?

Those undergrad students who have not yet completed 6 semesters of study at IBA can carry out a corporate internship for personal grooming; however, it will NOT be counted as their mandatory corporate internship. CDC will not provide the recommendation letter for such internships. However, students can obtain a Bonafide certificate/letter in place of recommendation letter.

4. How can the students obtain Bonafide certificates or letter?

Bonafide certificate is required by students in their freshman and sophomore year to be able to carry out an optional corporate internship. CDC does NOT provide Bonafide certificates to students as it does not count any corporate internship before having completed 6 semesters as a mandatory requirement. Students can obtain Bonafide certificates/letter from their respective Program Offices if the need be.

5. How can students obtain a recommendation letter from CDC?

For credibility and authentication, students can request CDC for a recommendation letter by emailing at / copy (cc) it to Make sure to mention the following in your email:

  1. Your name, IBA ERP #, Program, and semester;
  2. Name and address of the organization;
  3. Organization representative's name and designation;
  4. Nature of internship (social/corporate);
  5. Respective Department of the organization);
  6. Subject line: Corporate Internship-Recommendation Letter.
6. What must the students do in case they misplace/lose their acknowledgement receipt due to any unforeseen event?

In such cases, students are required to contact CDC immediately and apply for a new acknowledgement form.

7. When and to whom shall the internship report be submitted?

Once the internship period ends, students must submit an internship report to CDC via email only. A soft copy is to be sent at mentioning 'Corporate Report-YYYY-your ERP' i.e. Corporate Report-2016-08438 in the subject line.

8. What is the required format for the internship report?

There is no established format for the report, but generally the report should at least contain the following:

  1. Title/Cover page;
  2. Acknowledgement;
  3. Table of contents;
  4. Introduction of the project;
  5. Organization profile and overview;
  6. Elaboration of the processes, tasks, strategies, etc. related to the organization and/or the project;
  7. Major responsibilities and tasks performed during the project;
  8. Learning outcomes, observations and recommendations;
  9. Conclusion/Ending remarks
9. Where can the SSLA students carry out research internship?

Any media organization, almost all NGOs that need research done, any political or social think tank, and even certain government departments which meet the following criteria are good to opt for undertaking research internship:

  1. Media and Communication Skills,
  2. Psychology,
  3. Political Science.
10. How long is the research internship supposed to be?

The research internship is supposed to be 8-10 weeks long, which gives students the opportunity to engage in an extended, uninterrupted research project with a professional organization.

11. What are the formalities that need to be completed/taken care of once the research internship ends?

Once the research internship ends, students need to need to submit a comprehensive report that specifies exactly what they accomplished, and what they learned.