Career Counseling Clinics

CDC offers a wide range of services for students to help build a career path that suits their skills and interests. These sessions help in road-mapping your career, and also offer job offer and negotiation skills among students to shape their job into a perfect vision/dream. CDC aims to help students get on the right career-path by exploring the right mix of their education, skills and experiences. These sessions are designed to guide students make the correct career choices with their aptitude and skill set, and help them prepare effective application materials to apply for the right job.

Our services range from helping you discover yourself to assisting you in preparing for an internship in your chosen career path. Students have the opportunity to avail personalized career advising services through one-on-one sessions. Our focus is on creating leaders that IBA has envisioned for you.

For counseling appointment, please fill the 'Career Counseling & Advising appointment form' and email it to us at Counselor/advisor will inform you of suitable meeting time after reviewing the form.

CDC - Quick Advice Service:

If you have a pressing question about your CV/resume or need some details about an internship/externship opportunity, drop by our office and we will be happy to address your urgent queries. No need to schedule an appointment and wait for a week for something that needs only fifteen minutes or less.

If you are not sure how long your query will take or even what exactly your questions are (yes, it happens), you can still drop by and we can figure out whether it'll take more or less than fifteen minutes.