Team IBA bags title of "Champions" at Battle of Minds 2016

Team IBA bags title of Champions at Battle of Minds 2016

Battle of Minds is a captivating and challenging competition, through which Pakistan Tobacco Company (a member of British American Tobacco) provides a platform for Final Year university students to compete and qualify for the advanced stages of the MT recruitment process. In this world-class competition, PTC attempts to include contemporary business issues for talented individuals to display entrepreneurial intelligence. It is through the Battle of Minds competition that PTC assesses and recruits all potential management trainees into the organization. Thus, it is an excellent opportunity for the graduating students to showcase their abilities and make their way into a renowned multinational corporation.

Team IBA bags title of Champions at Battle of Minds 2016

This year, 7 prestigious universities from across Pakistan participated in the Battle of Minds 2016 competition including NUST, LUMS, LSE, GIKI, UET, IoBM and IBA. The first stage involved a video blogging competition; exceptional candidates from each university were then shortlisted and grouped into a team representing that university. IBA was represented by Nahl Jabbar (BBA Class of 2016) and team. The team was one of its kind; of course being in the same school they knew each other but had never interacted much. Each member had his or her own strength. Nahl Jabbar was unanimously appointed as the leader, Ayesha had unmatched dedication and passion for winning, Daniyal's financial skills were the backbone at every step, Saad served as the motivational speaker and kept everyone pumped and laughing, while Danish fit in just perfectly with his never say never attitude and Madiha's calmness and ideas kept them going.

With unmatched dedication, teamwork and plethora of brilliant ideas, this talented IBA team managed to cross all stages of the competition – overcoming challenges as they came along the way. For the finale, the team's task was to plan an "E business venture". The team worked day in and out with enthusiasm and critically analyzed and evaluated every aspect of the plan till every member was fully satisfied. Taking help from teachers, friends, parents, they made sure to leave no questions unanswered and developed a pristine, flawless plan to the best of their ability. The plan that eventually earned them, and IBA, the title of Champions at the BOM 2016 finale on April 15, 2106.

Here's what Nahl had to say about her own and her team's experience:

How did the bunch of you get along? Tell us about the team dynamics.

"What worked the most though was how well we got along, how we all had one goal: to make IBA proud, to give back to IBA for the best 4 years of our lives. For the coming month we became best friends, working day in and day out we soon realized that this was the best possible team."

What was the most challenging task in the competition and how did you handle it?

Our first challenge "Pakistan in 2025", required us to develop a full in-depth plan for a current problem. We mutually agreed that as hard as it might be we will try to solve a social problem. We wanted to do something more real than just some policies, something realistic, something substantial. After talking to Ms. Mehwish Ghulam Ali we decided to go with the topic of "Child sexual abuse". As we started our research, we became more and more confident in our choice. We came up with three alternative plans, and tried to justify our solutions with financials and make it as realistic as possible. We saw the grave reality of this problem and soon winning battle of minds became secondary and coming up with a real solution became our priority. The project was done in less than a week and as much effort as it took, it was a blast. From recording the video to staying up all night on my birthday to edit it, each moment showed how we were in it to win it. The telephonic presentation received an amazing response from the judges and we were finally through to the finale in Islamabad!

How was the overall experience of being a part of this competition and eventually winning it?

From the coordinated dressing to practicing our timings, we couldn't wait to be on stage. I can never forget the flight from Karachi to Islamabad, the walk in to the hall, the mini heart attack we got when our presentation wouldn't play but most importantly I can't forget the moments when I was presenting. I believed in our project so much that you could almost hear it in my voice. Deep down we all knew we were taking it home but standing on stage waiting for the result, waiting to touch the trophy, waiting to finally do something extra-ordinary that were the moments that truly made our journey worthwhile.

I can never put words to the overwhelming feeling that day, it was nothing short of a dream. An experience like no other that taught us team work, acceptance, faith and above all the fact that no hard work goes to waste. Every moment, every step, every mistake, every hurdle and all the people we met together made the experience what it was and I wouldn't give it up for anything.