Career Counseling Clinics - New initiative by CDC

IBA Career Development Centre has recently initiated a forum titled "Career Counseling Clinics". The first session of this launch took place on 23rd of September, 2016 and we hope to plan more of these sessions in the future.

Career Counseling Clinics, as the name suggests, are one-to-one sessions with counselors who are professionals in their careers and can identify with the queries held by students and individuals who are fresh in their careers. These sessions are being conducted in order to cultivate various factors such as values, skills, interests, education and other aspects which help in your career development. Our goal is to provide early advice to our students, who will be making influential decisions in the future, and help them eradicate ambiguity from their lives in order to set a path for their achievements.

Career Counseling Clinics - New initiative by CDC

Our first session, with Mr. Shehryar KhurshidMr. Shehryar Khurshid is Director, Ice-Cream Division at Unilever Pakistan. He joined Unilever as a Management Trainee in 2004 and have worked in various capacities from Haircare to Beverages to Skin Cleansing in Singapore and now Wall's Ice-Cream.

Mr. Munir HasanMr. Munir Hasan is currently serving Unilever Pakistan as Field Sales Director, General Trade & Modern Trade. His 12 years in Unilever have enabled him to live this passion by providing him a variety of global roles in key markets such as Australia, Thailand and Singapore.
of Unilever, was a successful one, with a 100% turnout from students and positive feedback from the counselors as well. These sessions were apportioned into 45 minutes of one-to-one sessions for registered students and were carried out throughout the day. The students were of constructive view, commenting that it was useful to meet with professionals and seek out career opportunities:

"Executed perfectly by CDC" – Shaz, BBA

"The advisor was very friendly and helped me organize my thoughts. I felt very comfortable discussing my issues" – Hafsa, BS-Accounting & Finance (BSAF)

We are grateful to our mentors who generously devoted their time and knowledge to our students. We would like our junior and senior batch students to take part in this initiative as they need to prepare themselves soon before stepping into the corporate world.

Career Counseling Clinics - New initiative by CDC