#SuccessStory - Tasmia Khan

Success Story - Tasmia Khan

"Nearing graduation, your life hits you with uncertainties as well as possibilities. It doesn't suffice to say that your final semester of education is mentally exhausting – coping up with academics as well as job search is nothing short of a struggle. One of my biggest fear, while entering the final stages of my BBA degree, was not getting into an organization with a positive, young culture - an organization that makes me feel like I am a part of something big.

For me, extravagant amounts of money is far less important than having a job that helps you grow; in your professional as well as personal life. I wanted to get into an organization where my skills would be polished, my technical/bookish knowledge would convert into hands-on practical experience, and where my professional network would grow.

I think CDC, directly or indirectly, has shaped my opinions so strongly and positively, that I feel very confident about the choices that I have made. The wide variety of organizations that were presented to us by CDC really helped me decide which are the places I want to work for, and which I don't. The work that this department has done has earned my respect for their efforts and time spent on their students.

What made the journey easy for me was the endless support provided by CDC, IBA. From arranging career fairs to corporate lectures, they have done it all to ensure a smooth job hunt experience for its students. The team/staff is prompt at their work and easily approachable. They have conducted seminars and activities to help us develop well-rounded personalities, enabling us to confidently enter the corporate world that awaits us. I can safely say that they have given me the motivation and hope to look at the possibilities ahead of me than the uncertainties. All in all, a platform like this gave me the right kind of opportunities to tap on, which enabled me to land a job at Unilever Pakistan at the start of my career."

My Placement:
MT officer - Finance - Unilever, Pakistan.

Career Goals:
I have always struggled to answer this. I have a vague/blurred vision of my future in mind, but nothing is set and stone. I think as a fresh graduate, it is important to experience new things and keep yourself open to new opportunities and directions. What I do know for sure is that I want to pursue a career in finance that helps me land a managerial position.

Hobbies and Interests:
Travelling, teaching others, watching TV shows and movies, following cricket and trying out different cuisines.

Tasmia Khan
BBA - Graduating Batch of 2018