#SuccessStory - Muhammad Salman Zulfiqar

Muhammad Salman Zulfiqar

When I decided on IBA as the place to pursue my undergrad, I had made up my mind that I wanted to live in the hostel. Even though I have family in Karachi, I knew that I wanted to experience this. I had completed my schooling in UAE, so adjusting to the new environment was challenging. But having graduated (Alhamdulillah), I realized that the hostel helped me grow as an individual. I learnt to be resilient through the difficult times, to focus with the noise around, to be patient with myself and with others; and most importantly, the importance of being there for someone.

One of the most exciting prospects of joining university, was joining clubs and societies. I had heard many great things about them, through university recruiters from Canada & the UK, and I was very motivated to join them. I realized that there was a difference in my expectation and the reality. I still decided to become a part of the MT of numerous events at the IBA, working under different mandates and different leaders. And in my second year, I pioneered the IBA HR Club to a new direction, by introducing a concept, an idea, and a fresh new event titled IBA Insight. Through immersing myself into this experience, I realized that a critical element of being a great leader and reaching your vision, is to be persistent.

Going into my final semester at the IBA, I did something that I would not have imagined doing before. That something was joining a call center. It was a high-pressure sales job, with a 9-hour shift in between the working hours of 5 pm to 11 am. The art of selling, the value of time, and the communication skills that I would learn was all the motivation I needed to take up the job. I topped my batch in training, and I had the highest close rate in my batch when I left.

Looking towards the future, it is important to make rules from the past. My experiences did shape the person I became, the person that ICI Pakistan selected. I've learnt to believe that everything and everyone around you, can be a source of learning for you, and it just depends on what angle you're looking from. You've got to put yourself out there, you've got to have that positivity, and most of all, you've got to experience. Once you do that, you learn about yourself and that is the uniqueness that you bring with you, always.

A department that I did learn a lot from, and one that I feel provides tremendous value to the student body and the IBA, is CDC. The team constantly works towards providing more opportunities, hence, making us think about where we want to work. The team is active, approachable, and is consistently working towards developing students into professionals, through interesting and elaborative programs; a recent initiative that deserves praise is the Corporate Connect Series. I'm honored to be given this opportunity to write for them.

My placement
Graduate Recruit – Chemicals & Agri. Business – ICI Pakistan

Career Goals
As a fresh graduate, it is to experience every little bit of the corporate culture that ICI is known for. ICI's recruitment drive was titled "Race to Boardroom", and that is a long-term goal.

Hobbies and Interests:
I enjoy traveling; and meeting new people to exchange stories has always piqued my interest. I attended the World Business Dialogue convention in Germany last year, after which I went on a Euro trip, and this was an empowering experience. I like to watch TV shows, my favorite genres are mystery, drama and comedy.

The biggest shout-out definitely goes to my family for their support throughout. I would not have had that confidence, had my family not believed in me. A separate shout-out goes to my friends back home, that have elevated me; and one for those I made in Karachi, whose companionship has helped me grow. Thank you to my teachers as well, that always pushed me, you've inspired me.

Muhammad Salman Zulfiqar
BS ACF – Graduating Batch of 2018