Modern Day Resume Essentials

Keeping in mind the upcoming needs of students who intend to pursue their summer internships and kick start their professional careers, Career Development Centre (CDC) hosted a session titled "Modern Day Resume Essentials" on March 28, 2018 at the IBA Main Campus. The session was aimed to help the audience in developing an effective CV and tailor it to the type of work they are looking for.

Danish Imtiaz Gangani, Manager – Career Development Centre steered the session as Learning Facilitator. After initial introduction and a light discussion on audience's expectations, participants were explained the difference between 'job' vs 'Career' and 'Resume' vs 'CV'.

Seven important resume essentials were the core part of the session. From the quintessential details like "Name and Contact" and their alignment to sharing examples of adding "Summary" in the CV were covered explicitly. Students were explained to create a CV from a recruiters' point of view and were advised to highlight relevant and quantified experience and achievements.

For students who look forward to apply for internships for the first time, they were told to add Voluntary/Community work, and include charitable and social work & projects which would tell about their values. It was advised to add impactful, recent, and relevant extracurricular activities to the profile.

Furthermore, the speaker emphasized on importance of networking skills which has become integral these days for so many reasons. Questions were taken and catered at the end of the session.