Mentoring Matters – An individualized coaching program

December 14, 2018: An orientation session for mentors and mentees of the Mentoring Matters program was hosted at the IBA City Campus by team CDC in collaboration with the Alumni department. The IBA is extremely fortunate to have the companionship of more than 13,000 well established alumni who are always available to support their alma mater. This strong network of people allows us to come up with valuable programs and interventions for the academic development of our institute. Team CDC initiated a pilot mentoring program for the senior students of IBA with an aim to link them with our prominent industry experts/alumni who could help them out in their personal & professional development through individualized coaching.

The Senior Manager Alumni Affairs, Job Placement, External Affairs and Resource Mobilization, Mr. Haris Tohid Siddiqui shared that the CDC has recently conducted a survey with around 40 employers regarding the quality of our graduates; where we found a need for their personal grooming and development. The Manager CDC, Mr. Danish Imtiaz Gangani, presented the overview of program and thank all the mentors for providing their time and support for this noble cause. The CDC Executive, Mr. Ebbad Qureshi further briefed the participants on the objective, key timelines and the functionality of the program. Following prominent IBA alumni have volunteered themselves for this program:

The program tends to have the features of self-assessment interventions, career & academic counselling, and a networking platform.

All mentees were connected with their individual mentors and they were provided time to discuss the way forward and design future course of action for themselves. We are thankful to all our prestigious alumni who have kind heartedly presented themselves for this cause. We hope that this program will serve as one of the most meaningful platforms through which they can give back to the IBA.