CDC hosted an Interactive Session on "How to Prepare for Assessment Centers?"

Assessment Centers have become an integral tool these days to evaluate candidates during the recruitment process. In order to prepare students for these assessments, CDC hosted an interactive session on "How to Prepare for Assessment Centers" on Saturday, March 10, 2018 at the IBA City Campus.

IBA alumni who had experienced these Assessment Centers were invited as Learning Facilitators to share their experiences and to provide some useful tips & techniques which would help students to ace these recruitment assessments.

The program was structured in two parts, the talk show and the group discussion. Mr. Danish Imtiaz, Manager – Career Development Center (CDC) moderated the event and the talk show. Each facilitator was invited to give a brief introduction about themselves. During the conversation, facilitators shared their experiences of the Assessment Centers they had been through. Some interesting questions were put forward as part of the discussion and the panel of facilitators responded them quite diligently. The facilitators emphasized on knowing about the company's values and culture before appearing for its Assessment Center. Zohaib Anwaar, Management Trainee at told students that companies seek for a positive and proactive approach in a candidate. Syed Irtiza Ali, Assistant Manager at HBL, shared his experience of Shell Assessment Center. He advised students to focus on non-verbal aspects of their communication. Syed Asad Abbas and Anum Liaquat, Management Trainees at Khaadi and Dania Tabassum, Management Trainee at shared that the examiners at Assessment Centers assess candidates' collaboration and ability to work in teams. They further added that examiners assess not only on how you present yourself but how you are providing space to others for presenting themselves. It was recommended mutually by the panel that instead of being submissive, one should take initiatives and be proactive in taking part in different activities of the Assessment Centers. Omar Ahmed Khan, Assistant Manager at HBL added to remain cautious and avoid dominating the whole setting. He further guided students to be subtle about whatever they speak and share connective ideas. The forum was kept open for the Q&A (Questions and Answers) session for the audience which was very well utilized by the participants.

After a refreshment break, students were provided an opportunity to interact with the Learning Facilitators in a group setting where they shared their individual queries. Overall, both the participants and the panel members had a great learning and engaging experience and the efforts of CDC was well appreciated.

CDC would like to thank each and every participant for making themselves available for this one of a kind learning forum.