Corporate Connect Series – "Entrepreneurial Development" by Yasir Shirazi

Yasir Shirazi, founder of SocialCXN and Parhlo (online ventures) conducted a session on "Entrepreneurial Development – Highlighting the challenges and benefits of starting up your own business" on 30th November, 2017. The session was attended by students from all disciplines.

Yasir with almost 15 Years of Digital Experience across Start-ups & Large B2C/B2B, is an IBA alumnus and holds Master's degree from Harvard University. His areas of expertise are e-Commerce Strategy Development, Governance setup & Road-mapping and strengthening Business Readiness of Organizations via Digital Transformation. Prior to his recent endeavours, he was associated with Siemens and OSRAM.

The speaker explained various stages of a startup's journey. He gave examples of his own entrepreneurial experience and various other international startups. Certain handy tips were given for money management as well.

Having a profound digital experience, Yasir believes to be responsive to the online customers and caters to the global changing trends efficiently. The audience actively participated in the session by sharing their queries with the speaker.

We thank Yasir Shirazi for generously sharing his knowledge and expertise and adding value to the series.