Daraz Recruitment Drive – Empowering the Future Leaders

Human Talent is the world's most demanded commodity and every organization is in search of such commodities. Recruitment is the process of searching out qualified job applicants if a particular position in a company is vacant. Daraz Pakistan, being the leading ecommerce platform in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Nepal, was founded 2012. Since then, it has been expanding its ecommerce business model in order to make it a better marketplace for different brands and products.

Daraz Pakistan visited IBA for the recruitment drive on January 30, 2018 which was conducted at the Event Hall, Student Center, IBA Main Campus. It was a major turnout with a lot of participation from the students. This recruitment drive was conducted by Imran Saleem, Director Commercial, who was representing Daraz and talked about Daraz' success and what it means to be a part of this company.

Daraz Future Leadership Program (DFLP) is an 18-month program with intradepartmental rotational policy, designed to help students become the next leader by providing them opportunities to prove their capabilities and pursue their full growth potential. The drive at the IBA targeted fresh graduates, both from Bachelors and Masters program.

A lot of applications were received after the recruitment drive, out of which 60 individuals were shortlisted for the next stage, Daraz Championship Case Study (DCCS), which took place on the March 16 and 17, 2018. The case study challenge was taken place on Day-1 at Ramada Creek while presentations were given on Day-2 at Daraz Head Office which were reviewed by a panel of top management judges. There were 4 winning groups and a few individually selected candidates. The next round, Assessment day is expected to take place by the end of April.

About Daraz.pk

Daraz is known to be the first ever e-commerce platform that enabled the concept of a complete online shopping experience in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka & Nepal allowing you to do shopping effortlessly white staying at home. Daraz Career Advice is a collective effort from the professionals working for this portal, so you can learn some great tips and tricks from them to pick the right career and build a solid future.