Corporate Connect Session with M.A. Mannan, Director TCS Holdings Private Limited

The Career Development Center (CDC) hosted the Corporate Connect Series session as part of the Personal Effectiveness (PE) module on September 29, 2018 at the IBA City Campus. The session was moderated by Mr. M.A. Mannan, Director, TCS Holdings Private Limited. The session was attended by Executive Director IBA, Dr. Farrukh Iqbal, Ms. Nadia Sayeed, PE Coordinator and Mr. Haris Tohid Siddiqui, Senior Manager for Alumni Affairs, Job Placement, Communication & External Relations along with the CDC staffs and students.

Mr. Mannan is an IBA alumnus with more than 22 years of business experience. He is driven by innovation and believes in growing with the evolving trends in businesses, processes and systems.

The Master of Ceremony, Mr. Danish Imtiaz Gangani, Manager CDC initiated the proceedings with a brief note about the session and invited Mr. Mannan to speak on the topic "Changing Trends in the Digital Age".

Mr. Mannan started his conversation by sharing his emotional affiliation with the Institute of Business Administration (IBA). He further shared his thoughts on how changes in technology have impacted our lives. He added that humans will still be humans in this digital age and the human interaction will never go obsolete. Mr. Mannan used Glisser, an interactive digital platform to keep the audience engaged. This platform had multiple features such as slides sharing, tackling Q/A on real time, live polling & quizzes, digital note taking option and feedback etc.

He urged students to pursue their entrepreneurial goals and explore various gaps and opportunities in the market. The session was well received and appreciated by the participants. Students got an opportunity to network with the speaker after the session.