Corporate Connect Series – Session 1 - CV/Resume Writing Skills

CDC recently initiated a forum "Corporate Connect" – A Series of sessions on important career related themes with the aim to connect you to the corporate sector. The identified themes are based on the feedback which CDC has received from its student body.

Corporate Connect Series – Session 1 - CV/Resume Writing Skills

The first session was on the topic "CV/Resume Writing Skills" conducted by Mr. Zeeshan Khan, a Trainer and Human Resource Consultant at Funverks Global; A consulting firm contributing to different industries globally. The session was held at MAS – 2, Adamjee Academic Centre, IBA Main Campus.

Corporate Connect Series – Session 1 - CV/Resume Writing Skills

A brief introduction was given by Mr. Zeeshan about himself and his firm. He shed light on creating a winning CV, explaining the difference between a resume and a CV, highlighting the importance of a cover letter, and briefing about the various types of resumes and its usage as per the job requirements.

Students remained engaged in activities and Question & Answers throughout the session. The activity on "Identifying CV Mistakes" was very engaging as it helped students to practically understand various factors that have a major impact on the CV.

Demonstration of some real CVs was given to participants in order to give them an idea as to how CVs should be made succinct, appealing and targeting the vacancy one is applying for.

We thank Zeeshan Khan who was so kind to take out his time for IBA students and share his expertise and knowledge with them.

Here are few links where you can get the glimpse of the session:

Check out the presentation: Download PDF