Corporate connect Series 2018

Nauman Khan Azeemi was cordially invited on February 6, 2018 at the IBA to be a part of Corporate Connect Series. He spoke on the topic "Find your life purpose and live a life of purpose"

Nauman Khan Azeemi is a Pakistani American bestselling and Quilly® award-winning author, transformational coach and corporate trainer. As a transformational coach and leadership trainer, Nauman has impacted thousands of students by helping them realize their true potential. As a leader and passionate teacher, he leaves no stone unturned to positively influence and transform the lives of people around him. Nauman places great conviction in his mission to bring revolution in the lives of millions of young Pakistanis through success coaching, changing attitudes and creating opportunities for entrepreneurship.

Nauman initiated casual discussion with the audience and shared about his roller coaster journey of life. He encouraged the youth to start controlling what they can and play their part. He further explained that life is like a puzzle where one has to find his/her place to fit perfectly. He emphasized on choosing a domain to serve, identifying core interests, recognizing the purpose of life and then committing oneself to serve that life purpose.

He briefly counselled students on how they can efficiently use their skill sets and talents and utilize time effectively. He advised students to read and explore to gain knowledge. In the end, he distributed his book "A Journey to Transformation" among the audience.